December 14, 2016

How To Sell Your Home In The Winter in Atlanta

Most real estate professionals agree that it’s best to sell your home during the warmer months of spring and summer. There are good reasons for doing so. For one thing, home buyers with children often plan their house hunting and buying process for the summer months, when their children are out of school. And they make up a pretty big segment of the buyer pool.

Additionally, people are just more active in the warmer months. So there’s generally more real estate activity during that time of year, giving you a better chance of selling.

But what if you can’t sell your home during the spring or summer? Maybe you need to sell it immediately for some reason. Maybe you have a job transfer that requires you to move during the winter months.

sell Your home in atlanta in winter

Whatever the reason, you need not worry. While there are certain challenges to selling a home during winter, you can still succeed at selling your home in the winter. In fact, if you follow the tips provided below (and the advice of your real estate agent), you should be able to sell your home in the winter nearly as easily as you could in the summer.

Contrasting the Cold With Warmth

Emotional factors play a big role in the home buying process. Granted, buyers are mostly concerned with the size of the home, the number of rooms, and other tangible items. But their “gut” feelings and first impressions go a long way as well. You can use this knowledge to your advantage, even in the coldest months of the year.

The best way to do this is by showcasing the warmth and coziness of your home. This will create a favorable first impression that potential buyers will carry with them throughout your house. Let’s look at an example of this concept in action.

Creating a Good First Impression

Local buyers John and Jane visit your home while house hunting. It’s frigidly cold outside, with wind and rain added in to the mix. It’s the kind of day that makes you want to hunker down someplace warm. The young couple open the front door and enter the home, and right away they feel welcomed.

The house is well lit and exudes warmth. Candles flicker atop the mantle. A fire crackles in the fireplace. The smell of gingerbread cookies (recently baked and presented on a glass plate) wafts through the air.

Doesn’t that just feel inviting? Well, that’s the effect it will have on potential buyers. By showcasing the warmth and comfort of your home, you have increased the likelihood of actually selling it. You’ve created a positive first impression by literally welcoming buyers in from the cold.

This is a combination of psychology and physiology, both of which can help you sell your home. The visitor’s physical first impression will be one of warmth and relaxation, right when they walk in the door. This will lead to a favorable mental impression as well, and the buyers will carry this with them through the rest of the home.

Some people will tell you that selling a home during winter is very difficult. I say it depends on two things: (1) the amount of effort you put into it, and (2) the type of real estate market you are in. Use the tips provided in this article, while following the expert advice of your real estate agent, and you have every chance of selling your home during winter!

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